Merry Merry Fitness: The Gift of Movement

November 17, 2020

Nothing Can Stop Us

Pre-pandemic JCore Fitness would be out on the field hosting boot camps, attending fundraising events or guest speaking at schools in the community. Though a global shut down has taken place and social distancing remains a rule across the world, nothing can stop us from making fitness and wellness a priority. One thing that’s always been a part of our mission and even more so now, especially after being sworn to our couches for about a year is movement.


Movement is fundamental to every human being and is sometimes taken for granted, especially by those who have the most access to it. After being restricted and being told staying home is mandatory unless you’re an essential worker, the gift of movement has become quite clear and more valuable than ever. During this time of readjusting to a new way of life we were connected with Pivot2Power, who’s message about health and wellness was budding through the cracks. As always, JCore seeks to be identified with platforms built around women seeking, striving and securing everything in the world’s reach for them.

5 Benefits of Movement

Even if it's taking a walk around the block or taking a moment out of your day to meditate, think of all the benefits that can align your physical and emotional health. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you choose to add motion to your daily schedule:
  • Strengthened musclesfor athletes, weak muscles can lead to less endurance and injuries, non-athletes can face issues like poor posture, pain in the lower back area and muscle injuries. (source 
  • Improved stability, balance & coordination: works hand in hand to strengthen your core which in the long run prevents dangerous falls. (source) 
  • More durable and denser bones: your bones are designed to protect your internal organs and provide your muscles the support needed to carry you though daily physical activity. (source)   
  • Reduced feelings of depression and stress: known to improve sleeping habits, interpersonal relationships with co-workers and family members. (source) 
  • Enhanced overall mood and emotional well-beingmotion activity releases endorphins and powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good. (source 

Get Motivated, Join the Party

Whether it’s physically, emotionally or even professionally, movement can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement from something or someone, which is why Pivot2Power exists for women like you. Bust a move to your favorite spot on the couch, grab a cocktail and check out our last episode where I further discuss the importance of movement and how it’s vital to our wellbeing.

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