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mindful movement challenge

looking for motivation? looking for a fresh start after a rough year?

I encourage you to join me in the Mindful Movement Challenge, beginning anytime in the month of January!

This is not a rigid, black and white, one-way-or-the- highway plan... unless you want it to be. One of the biggest components to this challenge is creating your own challenge!

This 31-day challenge is about keeping the promises you make to yourself to help you keep up or create healthy habits physically and mentally; whether that is a going for a run, picking a healthier snack, or taking time for your mental health. You decide the “rules”.

It is a challenge that allows you to identify YOUR main health goals in 3 areas- movement, meals and mindset. You create a flexible, consistent, sustainable and simple plan to achieve them...And I am more than happy to help you in creating this plan!

All it takes to start is a $10 donation to Lift For Life Gym and some mindful goal setting! Lift For Life Gym is an amazing organization with a mission to use the transformative power of movement to help inner city youth.

If you miss a day or fall off the plan, make a $5 donation to Lift For Life Gym and then get right back on your plan!

Research shows accountability is a key component to sticking with a plan so I encourage you to hold yourself accountable in a way that also helps others with their movement mission.
Encourage your friends and family to get involved in your efforts to get healthier and help your community. Share your journey with them to keep yourself accountable and to inspire them to join in the fun.

Find the links below to register and download the challenge guides.

what the challenge looks like

31 days of keeping promises to yourself.
31 days of following your individualized, clear, specific, simple plan to increase overall movement/change in your life.
choose your own adventure:
This isn't an arbitrary black & white plan for everyone because everyone is unique. We are all inspired in different ways and need different goals to help us become healthier and happier.
you decide your challenge in these 3 areas:
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Meals
write it down and share it with at least one person
  • start SMALL
  • keep it SIMPLE
Make a plan for the inevitable obstacles
  • identify possible obstacles/challenges
  • identify ways to overcome obstacles
  • identify a mantra to say when things get hard

download and print this document to get started!

click here to download

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